A Look at Our Week: Jury Trials

While the vast majority of injury claims can be resolved without the need
for a jury trial, many cases cannot be resolved without at least some
litigation. Oftentimes, clients confuse filing suit with going to trial.
When a case cannot be negotiated and resolved, litigation becomes necessary
and a lawsuit must be filed. Even in that situation, most claims can still
be resolved after filing suit but before an actual jury trial. When we
simply cannot agree on a fair settlement value, a jury trial is required
where we present our client’s claim to a jury who then decides the
value of our client’s injuries and other damages. Last week, both
Attorney Andrew Jones and Attorney Chase Swanson encountered cases that
were not able to be resolved outside the courtroom and fought for their
clients at trial – where they obtained judgments to compensate their clients.

Attorney Andrew Jones represented one of our clients who had been injured
in a car accident when an unknown driver pulled out in front of her while
attempting to make a left turn. After our client stopped to avoid a collision
with that car, she was rear-ended in a serious crash which left her injured
and in need of medical care which lasted over a year. After attempts to
resolve the claim outside of court failed, the case proceeded to trial
in Paulding County and lasted a total of two days. After hearing solid
and convincing testimony from our client and her doctors, the jury found
in her favor and returned a favorable verdict.

Similarly, Attorney Chase Swanson also took a case to trial this week.
After poor, limited offers from the insurer of a negligent driver, Attorney
Swanson filed suit and presented his client’s case to a judge in
a bench trial in Douglas County. The defense contested the case at every
turn, including arguing that the defendant did not cause the wreck and
that our client’s medical expenses should not be awarded. After
hearing from Attorney Swanson and his client, the judge awarded compensation
to our client which totaled nearly twice the insurance company’s offer.

At Jones & Swanson, it is our goal to resolve each case as quickly
and effectively as possible. However, obtaining compensation in an amount
that is beneficial to our clients is just as important – and we’ll
do everything necessary to make that happen. Jury trials are an area of
law that Jones & Swanson has extensive experience in. Should you find
yourself in need of legal representation, don’t hesitate to contact
our firm at (770) 427-5498.

A Look at Our Week: Jury Trials syndicated from http://personalinjuryattorneyphiladelph.tumblr.com/

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