Arnold & Itkin Holds Executives Accountable for Blast

In a previous blog, we reported on the litigation for the Williams Olefins
explosion from 2013. As the factory sits on the Ascension-Iberville border,
there has been litigation in both parishes. Our firm is representing 4
injured workers in the Iberville suit, and our case is simple: we are
going to prove that the fire (which killed 2 and injured 114) was caused by
deliberate disregard by officials at Williams Company Inc., as well as factory managers.

Our firm was recently featured in
The Advocate, an online publication devoted to litigation news. The report highlighted
our aggressive position against both executives—who were responsible
for approving all safety measures at the plant—and factory managers,
who are normally responsible for the safety of their employees. Our firm
used the term “shell game” to describe the passing of responsibility
between officials for this incident.

The Cause of the Blast Explained

If you don’t remember, the factory ignited when reboilers were over-pressurized
and exploded. However, the explosion couldn’t have been a surprise.
Outside agencies in 2006 and 2010 warned factory officials of the risk
the reboilers posed, but nothing was done to fix them. As operation continued,
the risk compounded.

Describing the utter lack of foresight demonstrated by not fixing the issue,
Attorney Kurt Arnold said:

This isn't someone driving down the road who looked around and got
distracted. This is someone who knew they had to drive 35 miles and left
with only five gallons of gas.

He asserted that the repairs would have taken “five minutes and five
dollars,” requiring something as simple as a car seal in order to
fix the valves. Regardless, officials ordered no repairs.

We look forward to demonstrating our opponents’ responsibility in
court. More than anything, our firm looks forward to helping our clients
get the financial support they need to heal and move forward.

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