Game Day Traffic Safety Tips

The first day of fall is just around the corner, which means bonfires,
fannel and football. The state of Georgia, along with the rest of the
Southeast, is an area passionate about football of all levels –
high school, collegiate, and professional. Many Georgians wait all year
for football season, and it has finally arrived.

While the return of football season is a great thing, it also brings heavier
levels of traffic as fans commute to and from games. Atlanta traffic will
increase on days that the Falcons play and Kennesaw will see more congestion
on roadways when the Kennesaw State Owls play. Cobb County has numerous
high school football programs, as well as surrounding areas such Woodstock,
Cartersville, and Acworth – each of which will see increased levels
of traffic when games occur.

Higher traffic congestion typically leads to an increase in
auto accidents, and therefore personal injuries. To attempt to prevent some of these
incidents, we’ve compiled a few tips for drivers to keep in mind
while traveling in these traffic- and pedestrian-heavy areas:

  • Obey all posted speed limits and traffic laws – keeping in mind that
    these may change during game times.
  • When dropping-off or picking-up, make sure to do so in designated areas.
    Do not stop in the lane of traffic or crosswalks.
  • Avoid all distractions while behind the wheel – there will be adults
    and children walking near (and even in) the roadway.
  • Keep an eye out for children near the roadway, as it only takes a second
    for them to get away from their guardians and enter the roadway.
  • Watch for other vehicles entering the flow of traffic – whether pulling
    out from the side or backing out of parking spaces.

In addition to an increase in traffic, there will also be a surge in
drunk drivers. Alcohol is consumed not only at professional football games, but at bonfires,
bars and watch-parties as well. These opportunities to socialize and drink
will likely lead to intoxicated drivers on Georgia roadways, so be on
the lookout and never hesitate to report a suspicious vehicle to authorities.

At Jones & Swanson, we are excited for football and other fall festivities.
We wish everyone safe travels this season!

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