Arnold & Itkin File Case for Injured Rig Worker

Our law firm is once again helping an injured worker get back on his feet
and get the justice he deserves. Our newest client was injured while working
on a land rig, which
should be a safer place to work than their offshore counterparts. After all, there’s
no water or isolated locale to threaten the safety of workers.

Unfortunately, even land rigs are dangerous places to work.

Our client was struck by a falling piece of equipment, necessitating immediate
surgery. An injury of this magnitude often has permanent, life-altering
effects—made even more tragic by the our client's young age.

In workplaces where equipment is used at large heights, it is
vital that all tools and materials be safely secured. When they’re not,
workers get hurt—sometimes killed. In this case, our firm believes
three parties are responsible: the equipment manufacturer, the land rig
owner, and the operator who caused the accident.

We are proud to represent our client, who will need compensation to provide
for his current and future medical needs, in addition to his lost wages
and other costs often associated with life-changing injuries.

Arnold & Itkin File Case for Injured Rig Worker syndicated from

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