Houston Man Tragically Killed in Scaffolding Collapse

Yesterday morning, a contract worker for Marathon Petroleum Corp. was killed
while working on scaffolding that broke and fell into the water—taking
the worker with it. The worker, a 22-year-old young man from Houston,
was working as an employee for Excel Modular Scaffold, which is based
in Louisiana but has a site in the Port of Texas City. He had been working
at the Port of Texas City site for a little over a year before yesterday.

Per regulation, the worker was wearing a lifejacket and was harnessed to
the scaffolding. However, when it broke off, the young man was unable
to detach himself in time (or so authorities assume). The scaffolding
fell into 15 feet of water at 11 am yesterday, but authorities didn’t
recover his body until 4 hours later.

Excel Modular Scaffolding is cooperating with OSHA, who are investigating
what caused the scaffold collapse. The other four workers at the site
were thankfully unharmed in the accident.

Houston Man Tragically Killed in Scaffolding Collapse syndicated from http://personalinjuryattorneyphiladelph.tumblr.com/


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