Lawsuit Filed for Burn Injury Victim

Welders are some of the most vital workers on any industrial project. Their
job involves handling incredibly dangerous tools in order to provide strong,
durable joints. Unfortunately, accidents can cause welders serious burn
injuries due to the nature of their work. These accidents can be the result
of negligence and carelessness on the part of a co-worker or employer,
rather than the welder himself.

Our newest client is a young welder who was seriously injured for this reason.

He was doing his job when he was caught in a serious explosion that resulted
in severe burns. Burn injuries, sadly, are often permanent and painful.
When burns penetrate deep enough, they can lead to a high risk of dangerous
infection, chronic pain, reconstructive surgery—even amputation.

We filed a lawsuit for our client—in Harris County—because
we believe he deserves justice. As always, Arnold & Itkin is honored
to fight on his behalf, working to secure him the financial support and
medical care he needs.

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