$13 Million Won for Victims of Williams Explosion

The personal injury attorneys from Arnold & Itkin LLP have been hard
at work representing victims who were injured in the catastrophic 2013
Williams Olefins plant factory explosion.
In our last blog on the subject, we stated that it was our law firm's goal to demonstrate that executives
and plant managers were deliberately disregarding a major safety issue,
which eventually led to an explosion that killed 2 and injured 114.

The issue was a safety valve for the reboiler, which would have taken “$5
and 5 minutes” to repair, as Attorney Kurt Arnold said. Without
the valves, the reboilers overpressurized and exploded. In two separate
reports, Williams Olefins officials were warned about the potential issue;
however, they took no steps to address it.

Williams Olefins Found Almost Completely Responsible

Arnold & Itkin is thrilled to report that the jury has found Williams
Companies Inc. 98% responsible for the explosion and awarded $13.6 million
in compensation to our 4 clients. The money will go toward our clients’
medical costs, future care, lost wages, and time to find a new line of
work, if they so wish. In the end, the award will allow them a fresh start
after a horrifying event, which is more important than any amount of money.

Our personal injury law firm is also thrilled that such egregious disregard
for safety has been penalized. Hopefully, Williams Olefins and other companies
will quickly address any potential safety issues in their plants in the
future, saving the lives and livelihoods of their employees. "For
a month they were trying to shift blame onto their shell company, and
I'm glad the jury saw right through it," said Kurt Arnold.

For more information about the jury’s verdict,
visit The Advocate’s site today.

$13 Million Won for Victims of Williams Explosion syndicated from http://personalinjuryattorneyphiladelph.tumblr.com/

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