Helicopter Crashes Offshore: 4 Dead & 2 Missing

On Tuesday, a helicopter crashed while en route to a Chevron oil platform.
The helicopter is reported to have left Malongo port in Angola at approximately
3 p.m. going to the offshore platform; however, it never arrived.

"The helicopter did not reach its intended destination. It was carrying
five passengers and one pilot," said Chevron. "Extensive search
and rescue activities continue for those who remain missing." It
has been reported that four of the passengers who were aboard the helicopter
have perished while two are still missing. A search and rescue operation
has been mounted that involves approximately 19 vessels and 3 helicopters.

Four passengers were contractors while one passenger was an employee of
Angola, Cabinda Gulf Oil Company. Chevron did not comment on whether the
crash or following search and rescue would impact oil production.

Helicopter Crashes Offshore: 4 Dead & 2 Missing syndicated from http://personalinjuryattorneyphiladelph.tumblr.com/

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