Lawsuit Filed for Seaman Hurt in 20-Foot Fall

Our attorneys have continually confronted the dangers of offshore work.
Arnold & Itkin’s most recent client is a man who was asked to
perform highly dangerous work at a height—during inclement weather.
Working from a height is already quite dangerous, even if the tasks are
simple. OSHA cites falling from a height for 40% of worker deaths, making
it one of the most common causes of death in any private industry.

Combine dangerous work with the fact that our client was ordered to perform
the work during bad weather, and the picture begins to take shape: our
client’s employers saw his life as expendable enough to put in unnecessarily
dangerous circumstances. As a result, he suffered severe injuries from his fall.

Arnold & Itkin doesn’t tolerate this treatment of offshore workers.
Our hope is to get our client the money he needs to pay for his medical
costs and the wages he’s lost, but our other hope is to show this
company (and other companies) that this sort of behavior is unacceptable.
We are honored that our client came to us to get justice.

Lawsuit Filed for Seaman Hurt in 20-Foot Fall syndicated from

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