Case Filed for Severely Burned Worker

It’s an employer’s job to monitor the conditions of the worksite.
Maintenance, suspending work under dangerous circumstances, and vital
repairs are all part of an employer’s toolbox. These activities
are protected and required by law to compel employers to take care of
their most vital resource: workers.

Arnold & Itkin’s newest client is a worker who was a well technician
until he was caught in an explosion at his drilling site. The explosion
left him severely burned. The explosion, like many in the drilling industry,
could have been prevented. Instead, the Defendants acted as though profits
were more important than the safety of their people—despite obvious
risk that the site would ignite, they continued to drill for gas.

Our firm is proud to represent this man, to help him get the financial
support to get back on his feet. We are also proud to help show his employers
that their workers deserve to be valued above profits or productivity.

Case Filed for Severely Burned Worker syndicated from

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