New Case Filed for Injured Deckhand

Arnold & Itkin often is compelled to fight for young, lower-ranking
workers. As roughnecks and deckhands have the toughest and most dangerous
job on the rig, they are the ones who are commonly injured. Sadly, because
of their low rank, they are also considered easily replaceable. People
deserve better treatment, and Arnold & Itkin is the law firm that
helps ensure they get it. This is certainly the case for our new case.

Our newest case is for a deckhand who was on his way to becoming a tankerman.
He was attempting to operate a winch when the line went slack and made
him fall. The fall injured his neck. His employer, Genesis Marine, instructed
him to see the company doctors, who recommended that he return to work.
A second opinion more than disagreed—the second doctor said our
client may need surgery to correct his injuries.

In a just world, company doctors would provide the same exact care as independent
doctors. Unfortunately, it’s not a just world—not without
the help of attorneys. Our firm is eager to hold Genesis Maritime accountable
for their treatment of our client, who was only looking to do his job
well and climb the employment ladder. Instead, he was denied honest medical
care. We have filed a case for the Mississippi worker under the Jones Act.

New Case Filed for Injured Deckhand syndicated from

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