New Case Filed for OIM Killed by Negligence

At Arnold & Itkin, we’ve seen our fair share of heinous negligence.
We’ve heard stories about workers who were hurt or killed because
equipment wasn’t maintained when it should have been, when a five-dollar
fix could have saved lives, or when the most basic skills would have prevented
a tragic accident. The case we’re featuring today unfortunately
involves some of the most tragic and negligence circumstances we’ve yet seen.

Our newest client is the surviving estate of an Offshore Installation Manager.
The OIM, for those of you unfamiliar with the industry, is the “captain”
of an oil drilling platform. They are the senior ranking officer and vital
to the safety of the ship. However, like any crew member, they are employees
of the oil company.

The OIM whose estate we represent suffered a heart attack while at sea
in the Gulf of Mexico. His employer, Rowan, failed to evacuate him from
the rig for several hours—for a medical problem where every second
counts. He eventually died from the lack of medical attention. As an employee
and human being, he deserved far more loyalty and care than this, much
less as a 30-year company veteran.

He and his family were from Mississippi, but the case was filed in Harris
County, Texas. Arnold & Itkin is looking forward to holding Rowan
for their inaction that led to an innocent man’s death.

New Case Filed for OIM Killed by Negligence syndicated from

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