Lawsuit Filed for Painter Injured in Fall

Employers are required to take steps to make sure their worksites are safe
and equipped with injury-prevention measures. For employees who work on
scaffolding or at a height, fall prevention is one of the most important
measures an employer can take—falls are one of the four leading
worksite fatality causes in the U.S.

In our most recent case, our client was working on a new home development
project as a painter when he fell two stories, sustaining serious injuries
in the process. Our firm believes that both the employer and the housing
developers are to blame. Neither party took the necessary steps to prevent
falls, which led to our client’s harm.

Arnold & Itkin is proud to fight on our client’s behalf against
both negligent companies. More importantly, we are honored to help our
client get the medical care and legal closure he deserves, while showing
his employer that workers are
not expendable. This case was filed in Harris County, Texas.

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