The Steps After a Crash

Car accidents are harrowing experiences. They leave victims disoriented
and in pain, neither of which help anyone think clearly. Our job as lawyers
is to protect injury victims’ interests while they recover from
the initial shock of their accident. Our hope is that this blog becomes
a straightforward way to organize your thoughts.

If you’ve been in a serious car accident, our blog will assume that
you’ve gotten or are currently getting emergency medical attention.
No matter the accident,
emergency care is the highest priority.

#1: Call the Insurance Company

The first step is to notify your insurance company that you were in an
accident. Do this as quickly as possibly—some companies void your
right to insurance benefits if you leave a collision unreported.

#2: Start a Folder

Once a claim is started, get a file folder and write down the name of your
adjuster and your claim number. This folder will become the anchor of
your case over the next few months. This folder will contain all of your
medical documents, receipts, information regarding any witnesses to your
accident, insurance information, and other notes that are relevant to
your case. If you have any information involving your accident, put it
in the folder.

#3: Go See a Doctor

Emergency care is one thing—seeing your primary care physician is
another. Car accidents can lead to hearing damage, soft-tissue damage,
bruising, and other lingering injuries that need to be documented. A common
injury, for instance, is whiplash—which may not cause you problems
until your adrenaline levels are normal.

Get all the treatment you need from all relevant professionals—but
ask for records of your care
every time.

#4: Consider Calling a Lawyer

You might consider us biased, but having a lawyer on your side after an
accident is an enormous advantage. The earlier you call one, the better.
Why? Because lawyers have been through these situations countless times—they
know when an insurance company is low-balling you, or when you’re
missing vital information. Their guidance will help make sure you’re
asking the right questions and getting the answers you deserve.

More importantly, their guidance means if you have a valid injury claim,
you’ll be able to maximize the verdict or settlement. Larger financial
awards helps take care of your long-term needs and covers and future medical
care you’ll need following the accident. If your accident means
you’ll have back problems in 5 years, accident lawyers are the ones
who will make sure you’re taken care of for as long as you need
to recover.

When you’re ready to talk to a lawyer, the attorneys at Arnold &
Itkin are ready to listen. Our firm has won billions in verdicts and settlements
for our clients—call us at {F:P:Site:Phone} or
contact us online.

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