You’ve Been Injured In a Serious Workplace Accident: Now What?

If you or a loved one was hurt in an accident at their job, first things first:
we're sorry this happened to you. The road ahead might be long and difficult, and we know it’s hard
to face the future right now.

Unfortunately, the tragedy isn’t over—you’re part of
a process, whether or not you know it. Your employer is likely already
at work to prevent you from filing a lawsuit, or figuring out a way to
weaken your case. They may tell you it’s not personal, but if you’ve
been with your company for a long time, it’ll certainly feel that way.

Here’s what you need to do.

Even the Scales: Turn to an Experienced Attorney

If you have been injured in a catastrophic
industrial accident, you need to take action now to protect your rights. In some cases, the
first few hours can be some of the most critical in an individual's
case. When someone is seriously injured, hurt or killed, companies immediately
go into cover-up mode and they use all their resources to uncover any
evidence that will help them avoid responsibility.

For example, companies send investigators to the sight of the accident
right after it happens. Their mission is to take pictures, interview witnesses
and collect all evidence that may show the accident was not caused by
any inappropriate or negligent action on the part of the victim's
employer—even if that's not the whole story.

Getting your own attorney means you have your own advocate on the scene.
Our team works immediately to gather evidence for your case, interview
managers and other workers, and take steps vital for your case.

Why You Can’t Wait Until You’ve Recovered

Without a qualified attorney, the victim of a
catastrophic injury could lose the ability to secure compensation for his or her injuries
by the time he or she has checks out of a hospital. Once the evidence
is collected and shown in a light that benefits the company, it becomes
difficult to protect the worker's rights.

An accident victim's best chance at recovering money for injuries is
to hire an accident attorney as soon as possible after being injured.
If the victim is too ill to contact an attorney, a loved one should do
it for them.

Why the rush? Nationally-recognized injury attorney
Jason Itkin explains:

"If the company is sending investigators to work right away, and their
goal is to prove you got hurt through no fault of their own, you need
someone at the scene of the accident at the same time, working to find
the evidence of what really caused your injuries."

The Houston injury attorneys at Arnold & Itkin LLP have the resources
necessary to properly investigate any accident. If you have been injured
in a workplace accident, don't wait until you are feeling better to
speak to a lawyer—contact a Houston workplace injury lawyer online or at (888) 493-1629.

Arnold & Itkin LLP offers any potential client a free and confidential
consultation, so there is no risk involved in speaking with a representative
from our firm. We begin working for you as soon as we are hired. Your
employer has a team on its side—shouldn't you have people working for you?

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