Is Your Child Safe on a School Bus Without Seatbelts?

School buses are a popular form of transportation, especially for those parents who
are unable to take their kids to school every day. School buses are assumed
to be driven by qualified drivers who can offer safety to the little souls
sitting in the rows behind them. There are growing concerns, however,
about the safety of the students—not to do with the abilities of
the bus driver, but the lack of seat belts.

All over the United States, parents rely upon the school bus system to
take the kids to and from school and transport them on field trips. While
the safety tests for school buses show that they are among the best in
offering safety for the children because of their specific build, experts
are concerned that some lack seat belts.

On average, 6 children die every year from school bus accident injuries
that could have been prevented if they had been wearing a seatbelt.

Automakers have been federally required to equip every car with a seat
belt since the 1960s—yet states are still allowed to use school
buses that don’t have basic safety equipment. While some models
are now required to have seat belts, others aren’t, and children
are still being put at risk because they lack the proper protection.

Fight to Protect Your Children by Picking Up the Phone

If your child’s school bus does not have seatbelts, call your local
school district to raise concerns. Let other parents know that school
bus accidents kill 11 passengers a year on average—and the only
way to ensure safety is by fighting for it. Write a script and have each
of them call your school district office and state representative.

It’s vital that you
call each of their offices—phone activity has a
direct effect on policy discussions.

In the meantime, model the example of wearing your seat belt at all time
to your kids. Not only will this help your own safety, but it will also
teach the children that it is an important thing to do. If your child
does travel in a school bus that has the proper seat belts, make sure
you discuss the importance of buckling up every day before the get into
the car. A helpful reminder today may just be what saves your child’s
life down the road.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) claims that
they are taking measures continually to improve the safety of the children
who travel in school buses. Unfortunately, car and bus accidents do happen—often
as a result of someone’s negligence. In school bus accidents, there
may be several parties to blame, including negligent drivers, poor manufacturing,
and school districts that utilize unsafe school buses.

If your child was injured or harmed in a bus accident, reach out to Arnold & Itkin LLP to share your story and hold your school district
accountable. Call {F:P:Site:Phone} or contact us online today.

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