Case Filed for Victim of Last Concert Café

The Dram Shop Act is a law that holds restaurants and bars responsible
for the safety of their patrons. As a result, when an establishment that
serves alcohol notices that a patron is drunk, they are obligated to cease
serving alcohol to that person—for their own sake, as well as other
customers. If they continue serving alcohol, they become responsible for
harm that is caused as a result.

Our newest client was a patron at the Last Concert Café, and at
a certain point in the evening, she was clearly intoxicated. However,
the owners and staff of the establishment continued serving her alcohol,
making her a liability to herself and others. As a result of the events
of that night, our client lost both her legs and multiple fingers and
suffered a traumatic brain injury.

We believe that the Last Concert Café disregarded the law, and our
client paid for it. More importantly, we believe that the restaurant is
obligated to pay for our client’s medical expenses, loss of wages
and earning capacity, mental anguish, and other damages incurred by her injuries.

At Arnold & Itkin, our goal is simple: help our client get everything
she needs to move forward with her life. Injuries like these come with
lifelong costs, both emotional and financial. Financial recovery makes
all other recoveries possible—it’s why we fight so hard for
fair and just settlements or verdicts.

Case Filed for Victim of Last Concert Café syndicated from

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