Lawsuit Filed Against ExxonMobil & J.V. Industrial Companies

Our firm has proven several times over that no large company is above the
law—and they are certainly not above ensuring the safety of their
employees. Our newest case is for an employee who was working at the Baytown
Coker Unit for ExxonMobil Corporation and J.V. Industrial Companies, Inc.
Our client was working a dangerous rigging project when a 400-pound beam
dropped on his head, causing him serious injury.

The site’s unsafe practices that caused this event include:

  • No proper work order
  • No pre-job safety analysis
  • No response to safety hazard complaints

Perhaps most egregiously, the defendants requested our client to perform
the rigging job despite the fact that he is not a certified rigger. As
a result, the rigging failed and caused severe harm to our client.

We look forward to holding both ExxonMobil and J.V. Industrial Companies
accountable for unsafe practices, making them liable for our client’s
medical costs, lost wages, and more. Our firm has always found corporate
behavior like this to be unacceptable, and we hope the result of this
case makes our client’s employers think twice before cutting vital
corners on their next project.

Lawsuit Filed Against ExxonMobil & J.V. Industrial Companies syndicated from


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