Case Filed for Dock Worker Struck by Forklift

Arnold & Itkin, LLP has developed a nationally renowned reputation
for assertively representing clients wrongfully injured at work. We recently
filed a case out of East Baton Rouge, Louisiana for a dockworker who was
struck by forklift on the job at the Lake Charles Port of Louisiana. As
a result of the impact, our new client has since been unable to work due
to severe back injuries.

In cases such as these, we first conduct an investigation into the incident
to see who is truly at fault. Once identified, we will aggresively pursue
retribution for all related finacial hardships incurred on our client.

We are particularly concerned with recovering damages for our client’s
injuries, as well as his lost wages due to his inability to work. We take
great pride in our ability to defend clients wrongfully injured on the
job and we look forward to representing this individual in his pursuit
for just compensation.

Case Filed for Dock Worker Struck by Forklift syndicated from

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