Jason Itkin Featured in CNN Article about Risperdal Lawsuits

On our blog we have documented our journey through our Risperdal litigation,
helping our clients’ get justice for the emotional, psychological,
and physical harm they suffered as boys. It has always been our goal to
help our clients move forward with the financial compensation for surgery
and healing, but we have a second goal: for Johnson & Johnson to face
what they’ve done, to see the scars and hear the stories firsthand.

CNN has recently published an article about Risperdal and the backlash
Johnson & Johnson is facing from thousands of men across the country.
These men all took Risperdal as boys or teens without knowledge of Risperdal’s
side effect: it causes abnormal breast growth in developing males.

Johnson & Johnson (and its child company Janssen Pharmaceuticals) knew
about the side effects, but they kept them a secret for over 10 years
while the drug was available to kids. As a result, thousands of patients
through the 90s and early 2000s had no idea they were growing breasts
as a result of their medication. One of our client’s doctors insisted
that his breast growth was unrelated to Risperdal.

“Johnson & Johnson made a conscious decision that they were going
to withhold important information about their drug so they could essentially
increase their profits by selling it to kids,” Jason Itkin is quoted
in the article. "J&J went out of their way to hurt these kids,
and now the information has come to light."

The company eventually added gynecomastia as a side effect to Risperdal
packaging in 2006, 12 years after it was released in 1994. Since then,
Johnson & Johnson has paid over $2 billion in penalties for their
marketing practices, but only a handful of people have been compensated
for the damage they’ve suffered.

Read the CNN article featuring Jason Itkin
here, and read more of our Risperdal blogs

Jason Itkin Featured in CNN Article about Risperdal Lawsuits syndicated from http://personalinjuryattorneyphiladelph.tumblr.com/

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