Case Filed For Louisiana Seaman Injured by Employer Negligence

Like many of our clients, our most recent was working hard as a seamen
on his commercial vessel, when his employer’s negligence suddenly
landed him on the ship's deck in serious pain. Though it is the responsibility
of leaders on commercial ships, our client's employer failed to maintain
a safe ship for their employees.

The deck our plaintiff was working on had not been properly cleaned, meaning
that it did not contain the necessary nonstick components on the surface.
This lack of necessary protection put his entire crew in danger, but resulted
in a slip and fall that injured his neck and back. Our client now has
sturdy grounds for legal recourse.

Protecting Our Client's Rights

Arnold & Itkin will represent our client in his just pursuit of compensation.
Among other financial burdens imposed on our client from this injury,
our legal team will seek retribution for the medical bills from his required
treatments, as well as the wages he and his family continue to lose while
he embarks on recovery.

We believe our client to have suffered an event that happens much too
often in members of our nation’s workforce. It is our honor to use
our resources in fighting with our client against the perils of a dangerous
workplace. His case been filed in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and we look
forward to advocating our client's rights.
Case Filed For Louisiana Seaman Injured by Employer Negligence syndicated from


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