Arnold & Itkin Obtain Risperdal Settlement Days Before Trial

Today, our firm is proud to announce that we have obtained a settlement
from Johnson & Johnson on behalf of our client and his family. Our
client grew female breasts in a condition called “gynecomastia”
after taking Risperdal as a child, a drug that was only approved for adult
use at the time. Risperdal’s manufacturers, Johnson & Johnson
child company Janssen Pharmaceuticals, said that gynecomastia was a rare
side effect that only affected less than 1 in 1,000 patients.

After Johnson & Johnson were called to account for the high rate of
gynecomastia cases, warning labels were updated to reflect the true number:
more than 1 in 50 Risperdal users are likely to develop gynecomastia symptoms. That means Risperdal’s
effects were over 20 times more likely to cause patients unforeseen issues
than the company originally reported.

This settlement resolves the seventh Risperdal case ever brought against
Johnson & Johnson, but it is the second victory of two cases Arnold
& Itkin has thus far brought forward. Our first Risperdal case against
Johnson & Johnson resulted in a $76 million verdict in July 2016—a
result far outweighing the $4.75 million won in
total for 3 other cases tried by other law firms. It is still the largest victory
of the Risperdal cases that have been tried so far.

However, litigation for Risperdal is far from over. A Law360 article quoted
Attorney Jason Itkin on the subject:

“Johnson & Johnson still faces thousands of claims by boys who
grew female breasts as a result of taking Risperdal.”

While our previous victory may have influenced our ability to win a settlement,
we believe Johnson & Johnson is not going to resolve the rest of the
cases so easily. Just last month, a judge dismissed a case mid-trial for
not sufficiently proving that Johnson & Johnson caused the plaintiff’s
injuries. One of the earliest Risperdal cases resulted in a verdict in
favor of the global pharmaceutical giant. There are still many plaintiffs
who require justice for their injuries, and it seems that Johnson &
Johnson will fight tooth and nail to not be held responsible.

Arnold & Itkin is proud to have won this settlement before trial even
began. We are in the middle of preparing even more Risperdal cases, and
we are confident that our firm will yet again successfully hold Johnson
& Johnson accountable for the pain, suffering, and humiliation they’ve caused.

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