Lawsuit Filed for Burn Victim in Industrial Accident

Attorneys Noah Wexler and Ben Bireley have filed a lawsuit against Bonney
Forge Corporation for their part in causing horrifying injuries to our
client. The plaintiff was working near a malfunctioning bleeder valve
that caused him to be sprayed with scalding chemicals. The resulting injuries
continue to require extensive treatment.

As a burn victim, his injuries will require the highest-quality medical
care, as well as ongoing pain management. Quality care is expensive, and
paying for it could put regular people and families in deep debt. That’s
what our firm wants to prevent. By holding Bonney Forge Corporation accountable,
we can help our client recover physically without needing an income, and
without losing peace or financial security.

We believe that Bonney Forge is responsible for the faulty valve, and as
a result is responsible for our client’s incredible pain and suffering.
Noah and Ben plan on constructing a case that makes it clear to the jury
that the defendant could have prevented this tragedy with simple maintenance—but
chose not to.

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