Case Filed Against American Fireworks on Child’s Behalf

All wrongful injuries are tragic and infuriating, but when a child is injured,
it deserves special attention. Arnold & Itkin has recently filed a
lawsuit against American Fireworks, a company which sold fireworks to
a boy in Matagorda County, Texas. As a result of receiving the fireworks,
our client suffered multiple life-altering injuries.

Our client suffered the following injuries from the fireworks sold to him:

  • Loss of his left leg
  • Loss of sight
  • Severe burn injuries to his face
  • Burn injuries all over his body

Children are not expected to act with caution and care at a young age—that’s why we don’t sell them fireworks. Businesses and their employees are obligated to abide by city and state
laws designed to keep children safe. When they fail to do this simple
thing, kids get hurt. Our firm is proud to provide for our client’s
care, fight for his lifelong needs, and make sure nothing like this ever
happens again to another child.

Case Filed Against American Fireworks on Child’s Behalf syndicated from

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