Case Filed for Good Samaritan Injured by Drunk Driver

Today, Arnold & Itkin filed a rare kind of case in Bexar County, Texas.
Our case is on behalf of a man who was struck by a drunk driver while
attempting to stop him from continuing to endanger himself and others.
A modern-day Good Samaritan, our client spotted the defendant driving
recklessly on Interstate 20.

He immediately contacted law enforcement and followed the driver to a gas
station. Here, he confirmed that the driver was drunk, and so knew that
he would be a liability to himself and to other drivers. Our client then
rightfully attempted to stop the driver from getting behind the wheel
again. Rather than listen to reason, the defendant struck our client while
trying to run away.
Our client suffered serious injuries as a result.

Our firm is happy to represent any client who has been injured through
negligence or recklessness, but this case is special—we’re
proud to stand up for a man who was hurt while doing the right thing for
his neighbors and the defendant. We hope to get him the medical attention
and compensation he deserves.

Case Filed for Good Samaritan Injured by Drunk Driver syndicated from


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